I finished my Master's degree in Fine Arts in 2002 at the University of Salamanca. After that my passion for learning all kind of artistic techniques led me to work in the movies and advertising industry in Madrid. I spent 8 years working for different artistic directors, assisting them in their sets as a painter and creative.

During that time, I enjoyed the challenges coming from the different projects I was offered, but I still felt something was missing in my artistic trajectory. Therefore, in 2007 I opened an emergent art space called Cerilla Gallery. It was an exposition space where young local artists could connect with their audience. I also participated in many of the exhibitions showing my work under the identity of “Sarolo”, a character that allowed me to experiment with different artistic disciplines and to collaborate with many other artists and spaces.


If you own a Sarolo piece, then you are part of my artistic path.

Today I live in Berlin. Here I keep painting and creating for myself, for businesses, for professionals or for private persons. Each project I work in has a solid identity, conceptual design and execution strategy. During its development, I strive to achieve not only what is expected from me professionally, but also to confer each project with certain communicative and social skills.

I strongly believe in a social art in which the image acquires a certain symbolic meaning that allows it to create a visual discourse understandable for everyone.

I conceive creativity as a way of relating in which the artists have to go into detail not only about the artistic practices but also and most importantly about the processes of collaboration, dialogue and negotiation.